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2% Minoxin 60ml


Hair regrowth treatment for men & women. Clinically proven to help regrow hair. Revitalizes hair follicles.

Minodil 2%


Minodil 2% helps to stimulate hair growth in individuals with alopecia.

Minodil 5%


Minodil 5% helps to stimulate hair growth in individuals with alopecia.

Minorow 5%


Advanced hair regrowth treatment foam. It awakens hair follicles, stops hair loss and promotes scalp health.

Pilopeptan Anti-Hair Loss Lotion 100ml


Pilopeptan anti-hair loss lotion is an easy - to - absorb hair solution made with an innovative bioactive complex that helps to prevent hair follicle miniaturisation, hair loss, and is rich in basic elements for proper keratin formation.

SLC scalp solution


For smooth and shiny hair. Relieves from itching, scaling dryness and flaking.

Thymuskin classic serum 100ml


The dermatological Thymuskin Classic System against all kinds & stages of hair loss and for the activation of new hair growth.


  • Particularly suitable for use in the case of genetic hair loss
  • Free of side effects, for long-term use
  • Mix & match with all Thymuskin Shampoos
  • System: shampoo & serum for combined usage
  • Dermatologically tested