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Advance calamine lotion


Good for mild skin conditions such as sun burn, skin allergies, itching, irritation and insect bite.

Anyderm DAM lotion 200ml


Anyderm Daily Advanced Moisturizing Lotion is an ultra-hydrating formulation with an epidermal replenishing complex (ERC) to ensure 24hr moisturizing effect for your skin.

Cetaphil Dam 100g


Cetaphil DAM is specially formulated ultra-hydrating lotion which instantly replenishes, hydrates, and protects dry skin for 24 hours.

Cetaphil Moistrizing Lotion 125ml


Normal to combination, sensitive skin. Instantly soothes and protects skin from dryness for 48 hours.

Derma veen moisturising lotion


DermaVeen Daily Nourish Moisturising Lotion is lightweight, non-greasy, and specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin. The unique soothing lotion forms a protective moisture layer, replenishes the skin barrier & locks in moisture leaving skin smooth, supple & healthy.